Imagine telling a talented team of creatives and technicians your PR challenge on Saturday morning and returning on Sunday evening to receive their brilliant solutions. Only it's not imagination, it's Mashcomm36.

And after last year's success, we're doing it again! Businesses or organizations: Apply today to have a team of informatics students creatively tackle your PR challenges and issues. On March 1-2, 2014, you could be one of only eight organizations or businesses to realize your digital public relations possibilities. The deadline for application has been extended until February 24, 2014!

If you're a student, this is a great way to show off your talent and skills, get networked, prove yourself and have a good time. Students: Apply today to be a part of something real.

Any business, organization or generous patrons that want to get involved are also more than welcome to sponsor Mashcomm36 at almost any level. You can volunteer to help or provide monetary support. Or, donate pizza, sodas, water, pillows, toothbrushes and other sundry items to the teams, too. Students won't say "no" to a free meal or stuff! Sponsors: Contact us.

Check out a quick look at the 2012 event: